Please take the time to read some of these testimonials. We hope that someday soon yours will be among them.

-They were better than we ever could have hoped for in a DJ. He listened to what we wanted in our reception and delivered upon it 100%. We have had several of our guests tell us that Tidewater DJs made the night so much fun and that it was the best reception that they had ever attended. Thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special! Ryan P

-My husband, parents, and myself were so impressed with the overall quality of performance of Tidewater Disc Jockeys! We were originally considering having a band at the reception, but little did we know that when we booked with Tidewater DJs that we would get an even better performance with them. All of our friends and family raved about the DJ, and we highly recommend Tidewater to anyone wanting nothing but the best! Colleen

-They have been the DJ at both of our daughters wedding receptions and he did a better than SUPERB job. If you want your reception to be all you have ever dreamed I highly recommend Tidewater DJs. Eileen S

-I have used them in the past and as always he has always provided outstanding service and music. Everyone raved about our party and had a fantastic time. They really knows how to work a crowd and get people moving. It was a perfect evening and they set the tone. Upon popular demand, we will be using them again. Lois

-They are amazing DJs, very professional and a great entertainer. Gets the crowd moving and incorporates music everyone loves. They made my reception so enjoyable and fun people are still talking about it. Thank you for all of your hard work. Allyson

-They were perfect for our student body. The special student DJ added to the event. Loved the fog machine! Bunny

-You all definitely provide the best wedding entertainment. I still am in awe of the wonderful services you provided Matt and I, along with our wedding guests! We thank you with the utmost appreciation for making our wedding reception so amazing!!! Carley

-They did a wonderful job. The work that Rex did to coordinate my daughters wishes were fulfilled and most appreciated. Kay

-You are top rated already. Your organization always does an excellent job on any event we have at the hotel whether it is ours or one of our clients. Fred

-Tidewater DJs are excellent and that is why we continue to recommend the organization to our groups. Gail

-Everything was wonderful. The organization was MUCH appreciated. I do not know what we would have done without you. :] Heather

-Tidewater DJs are unbelievable. The professionalism of their service is beyond reproach. Rex was key to keeping the party going and making the reception the raging success that it was! Cindy

-Everything was awesome! Colette

-Their team is amazing. This was a small wedding but they kept the party going strong. I would recommend him again to anyone. Dan

-I received so many comments from my family and friends on what a good job Rex did and what a great time they had. The hoolahoop game was a big hit! Thanks for embarrassing me with my own panty hose. John told me about that one!!! My party was a big hit and I thank you very much!! You kept it moving along very nicely and gave us lots of variety and played our requests. Debby

-I have already recommended Tidewater DJs to several people, and told all of the troop leaders out in our area about your services. The night was awesome!! Thank you! Cristin

-They kept our guests entertained the entire evening. He did a fantastic job and we were so impressed with his professionalism and talent. It was great!! Heather

-We received many positive comments about Tidewater DJs. They were awesome and very helpful in the planning and at the actual event. Dustin

-I wish I lived in the area you serve. I live in the Midwest. Very Happy with Everything. Overall, we had a great time at our wedding reception and would recommend Tidewater DJs in the future. The Love Story was an excellent way to share our story with our family and friends. Rex was very experienced and knowledgable about wedding receptions. Therese

-They did an awesome job, I would refer him to others and if I ever get the opportunity to utilize your company again, I would not hesitate. Valerie

-They were totally wonderful. made the whole wedding. Read the crowd so well. I had so many comments saying how great the music was. Colette

-We were thoroughly pleased with everything, they are the best DJs ever! Heather

-As the Father of the Bride, I was a little concerned about price but also knew if the DJ is not top rate, nothing will save the event. They were AMAZING. He kept the party moving and made everyone feel part of the celebration. Anyone can spin some CDs. Very few can do what he did. We had ZERO stress and had the best time. His operation was worth every penny and more. We get positive feedback every get together we have attended since. Spend your money here and have the best memories imaginable!!! John

-They were wonderful, they walked us through the entire wedding. Also, we changed our father daughter dance 5 minutes before and he had no problem with it, fixed the issue immediately. EXCELLENT. Katie

-They were great and would recommend him again and again. Thank you for making our day so special! Kristal

-I have to say my husband and I had a hard time agreeing on how much to spend on a Dj. After talking with a few people we realized that the dj makes or breaks your event. We decided to cut corners other places and we got more then what we paid for. we will always have a special place in our hearts for Tidewater djs. Julie

-It has been a pleasure to be able to rely on their experience and professionalism over the last 3 years. A must for a military corporate event. Look forward to doing business again in the future. Sincerely, LCDR Ed LCDR Eddie

-They were better than we ever could have hoped for in a DJ. He listened to what we wanted in our reception and delivered upon it 100%. We have had several of our guests tell us that they made the night so much fun and that it was the best reception that they had ever attended. Thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special. Ryan


-All of our guests had a fantastic time. Well done!!! Sandra

-This was the best experience. They were real professional and made the Reception come to life. It was absolutely perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Paul

-You did such an amazing job. My father is a pastor and does tons of weddings and even he said that you were the best he had ever seen. You played such a wide range of music everyone had something they liked! The lights, sounds, and fog machine was amazing. We really enjoyed the bubble dance and love story as well, but our favorite special feature was the trick garter toss. Than you for making our wedding day so memorable for our guests as well as the two of us! Rebekah

-It was an excellent and wonderful event. Susan

-They were very entertaining and personable. We will request him next year. Theresa

-Outstanding job. We have a few more parties coming up at the end of the summer. Tidewater DJs are our first choice hands down. Thanks for a great time! Stephen

-I have had nothing but, RAVE reviews from our associates. We have had, in the past a different DJ, I have not had the satisfaction level that I have with Rex, and Tidewater DJs Rita We will be in touch soon. Have an entertaining day!

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