Our Wedding Packages range in price and interactive levels. Think of our events as cups of coffee. They are Starbucks and Gourmet

The Starbucks - $1,050


The Starbucks is designed for those that desire a little less interaction yet all the formalities of a wedding reception. Our Starbucks package includes:
*A DJ acting as Master of Ceremonies
*All the equipment required for a successful event
*Substantial music selection
*Use of all of our on-line resources
*Light show for the dancing portion of the evening
*Consultation to ensure every moment is planed out
*4 (four) hour event
*Extra hour can be added for $150 Or two extra hours for $250

Tel: (757) 420-4200 - www.TidewaterDJs.com

The Gourmet - $1,250


A bit more on the interactive side. Our most popular package includes interaction to make your event a success. An entertainer of this level is not only trained to perform a gourmet wedding but is also an Elite Entertainer. Gourmet trained DJ also acting as Master of Ceremonies
*The best professional sound equipment and cordless microphones.
*Enhanced dance lighting
*Detailed, in-person wedding consultations
*Musical selections spanning an entire century
*State of the art DJ laptops and other digital technology
*4 (four) hour event
*Interactive show to include but not limited to the following Ala-cart items:
*Bubble Dance: Interactive feature that allows your guests to serenade you with bubbles as you dance to a romantic ballad.
*Groomsmen Throne: A photogenic feature designed to add class to the garter removal.
*New York Strut: Let us get those non dancers involved in a little fun with the interactive Can-can.
*Group Hugs: An alternative to the bubble dance. Designed to draw the focus on the Bride and Groom.
*Remote Conga: Bride and Groom compete for the TV remote for the first six months.
*Anniversary Dance: We begin with the Bride and Groom and work our way to the most experienced couple in the room.
*Love Tunnel: A Grand Finale to fabulous evening. Say goodbye to all your guests all at once.
*Other games and activities at Clients request and personal desires
*Extra hour can be added for $150 or two extra hours for $250

Tel: (757) 420-4200 - www.TidewaterDJs.com